little jewels of yarn

Posted on September 25, 2011


i finally got my claws around some wollmeise yarn!

yes, on ebay. but two days ago i also caught a greyscreen on their webpage (completely by surprise, i was actually looking up some colours when it hit me ^^). i won three skeins fair and square! that was the hard part. now for the really hard part:

with one skein of twin, i want to knit a sweater for myself. obviously i need additional yarn. the wollmeise i want to use is a twin 80/20 in black/purple. i definitely need some solid colour (probably, um, black?) to go with it. suggestions? what is combinable with wollmeise? is this blasphemy?

here’s the yarn porn! wollmeise twin 80/20 (“we’re different” and “großstadtpflanze”).



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