lace in progress

Posted on September 27, 2011


currently i’m working on my first, very own, exclusive lace shawl pattern. it’s mainly for showing off, really. and to have something to knit and put on etsy or ebay without violating any copyright. will very likely become a free pattern on ravelry, though. i love free patterns, i’m fond of my own designs (harhar) and i’d hate so see them unknit because of 3.99€.

anyway, here is the yarn i’m using: some semi-solid umschlagplatz britsock in purple.


so far, the pattern consists of a simple leaf repeat opening up into a dots-and-double-YOs-allover. i am still pondering an elaborate border motive. or a simple one. i’m not sure yet.

and here’s a grainy, out of focus, bad light, unblocked, work in progress SNEAK PREVIEW!


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