k, p, graft?

Posted on October 23, 2011


did you know that there is a way to use the kitchener stitch with ribbing? i just discovered that today, tried it out and this technique definitively going into my repertoire.

this is the deal:
when grafting a [k1, p1] ribbing, first put all the k stitches of one side on one dpn and all p stitches on another. do the same with the other side. you have 4 dpns, each holding either only k stitches or p stitches. the needles with the k stitches must be on the outside for this to work.
next, graft only the k stitches as if nothing special was going on, enclosing the p stitches in this process. when done, flip the whole thing inside out. voilà, the p stitches are k stitches now. graft them too.

bam, perfect seam. not as elastic as the ribbing, though.

i owe this flash of enlightenment to www.tricksyknitter.com

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