new yarn – melissanthieyarns

Posted on January 19, 2012


last week i got a wonderful surprise waiting for me when i got home: a parcel of sweet, sweet yarn from indie dyer melissanthie yarns.


from top to bottom:

worsted/aran C (blues and white)
sock F (bright red with sparkles)
lace B (fresh and forest greens)
sock I (dark greys with a hint of brown)

first impression: bright colours, soft yarn, good price, PERFECT customer service. i ordered the yarn before christmas, but asked them to ship it in the first week of january, because i was away for the holidays. not the slightest problem.
it may sound odd, but this kind of friendly service is far less common than you would think.

next step: how will it knit up? will it bleed? will it felt? how will it feel when being worn?

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