first attempt at weaving

Posted on March 29, 2012


the story:
i have a neighbour who recently gave me half her yarn stash. why? she suffered a stroke a few years ago and cannot move most of the right side of her body. it was heartbreaking to see her give away so much of her cherished yarn, so i did a little research and found out that weaving is a craft a hemiphlegic person can still do (i found out later that there is a group on ravelry of people who knit single-handedly, i will definitely try to get her back to her favorite craft one day).

i told her. i saw here eyes light up.

i went and ordered a small frame loom, the kind used in schools. when it was delivered, i opened the box with her and she immediately asked if she could try it out.

i told her that this frame loom was a gift for her, because she gave me all that yarn. i saw her smile.

soooo, long story short, i gave away the frame loom, but now i was hooked too. now i weave on my first loom out of cardboard (from the actual amazon box the real loom came in):


i strung each “tooth” double, one black thread and one red. this makes weaving without this comb thingie easier: in all odd rows, i go under the black threads (and over the reds), in all even rows under the red threads (and over the blacks). creates a nice pattern too.

update: the result looked completely awful and was disposed of. interesting experience though.

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