the accident – a cowl that happend

Posted on October 8, 2012


this is an accident that uses one precious skein of handdyed novelty yarn and fits amazingly well.

knitted cowl

the accident – a cowl that happend

here is the story:

stage one
i saw this wonderful atelier zitron blickfang in my local yarn shop and decided to treat me to it. it was the only skein left of its colourway. at home, i thought “maybe i knit a moebius, i have never done that”. after brief consulation of the moebius patterns available i decided that i don’t have enough yarn.

stage two
i thought “i’ll do a scarf. i just cast on some stitches and knit in garter stitch until the yarn is gone. maybe it will be long enough and i can sew the ends together to make a fake moebius.”
after a couple of rows into the project i realized, that with my 55 cast on stitches the scarf is never going to get long enough, but the cast on edge is wide enough to fit arount my neck.

stage three
“i’ll make a cowl then”. i proceeded with the garter stitch a few more rows. then i got bored. plus, i thought, my back and shoulders might get cold. so i put some markers and startet increasing to get a collar-like thing (“maybe i can get a sort of short cape shape” – yeah right). but, with my mind locked on so many raglan sweaters, i simply did raglan increases in the usual four spots.

stage four
when i finally cast off, the result was horrible. the collar part was a bit too wide, the cape part was a square, ill-fitting, pointly piece of crap. and the yarn is not froggable (too many bobbles and thick-and-thin parts). in my fury i decided to treat this misshapen monster as badly as i could. i soaked it in warm water, pulled and stretched it completely out of shape and let it dry on the radiator.

stage five
this treatment actually saved it. it grew so wide that it fits twice around my neck now, with the terrible raglan part shaped into corners and ears that drape playfully arount face and shoulders. for closure i sewed on a big hook on one end (without the second part on the other side, because the fabric allows the hook to catch and fasten anywhere i like).

the end
the result is a cute, warm, very versatile collar/miniscarf that uses exactly one skein of blickfang and can be worn in a varitey of ways (even as a hood). i like it a lot now.

and here is the pattern:


blickfang atelier zitron (175 yards (160 meters) per 100g)

circular needles: 8mm

darning needle to weave in ends

4 stitch markers

Cast on 55 sts, knit in garter stitch (=knit every row) for 47 rows. place markers after stitch 10, 12, 35, and 45.

from now on:

all odd rows: knit to last stitch befor 1st marker. kbf (knit two stitches out of this one stitch), slip marker, kbf in first stitch after marker, knit to next marker and repeat until the end of the row.

all even rows: knit all stitches.

continue until you have just enough yarn left to cast off (or rather a little more, because cast off takes a lot of yarn and you don’t want to try and rip back this yarn, doesn’t work well).

now soak the thing in hot water, squeeze it out brutally and pull and stretch in every direction. let it dry somewhere warm. it should now be severly out of shape. this is how it should look like afterwards:

shape after stretching an position of hook

sew in a hook on one side of the scarf (the red dot marks the spot where i did it). a rustic shawl pin would look very good too, and require less sewing. sew in any loose ends. finished.

to wear it, wrap it artfully around your neck and fasten it somewhere.

have fun 🙂

I am sure this pattern works equally well with any bulky, knobbly yarn (or yarn combination) you happen to have in your stash. exact gauge or exact increases are not important. i wouldn’t try this in sock yarn or finer, though.

If anyone happens to knit this, i would love to see the results! find me on ravelry as tryphina!

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