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new free pattern: DollyDoll

July 16, 2014


I made a couple of these to give away to charity a few months ago and liked them so much that i decided to write down the pattern. beware, it is not tested! well, by me, of course, but i can make these pretty much standing on my head with a blindfold on, so i […]

new pattern – geometry, a lace shawl

August 7, 2013


a new pattern is up: the geometry lace shawl (see patterns) this classical lace shawl has a very simple pattern repeat that is difficult to write down, but incredibly easy to knit. really a project you can bring along for a night of pen-and-paper rpging or a chat in the café. another asset: it can […]

the accident – a cowl that happend

October 8, 2012


this is an accident that uses one precious skein of handdyed novelty yarn and fits amazingly well. here is the story: stage one i saw this wonderful atelier zitron blickfang in my local yarn shop and decided to treat me to it. it was the only skein left of its colourway. at home, i thought […]

first attempt at weaving

March 29, 2012


the story: i have a neighbour who recently gave me half her yarn stash. why? she suffered a stroke a few years ago and cannot move most of the right side of her body. it was heartbreaking to see her give away so much of her cherished yarn, so i did a little research and […]

ghostly sweetness – prototypes

February 8, 2012


i had this pattern idea itching on my fingertips for quite some time. but thanks to my 14-months-old primal recipient of such designs i hadn’t had the time to try it. finally, here are two prototypes: … as always in grainy, woozie ipod camera vision. i’m still working on the details. so far i’m particulary […]

not quite an heirloom

January 22, 2012


an old aunt keeps herself alive by knitting. several suicide attempts left her with a shattered hip and her unwillingness to undergo rehabilitation confines her to a wheelchair. she has lost her husband a few days after her grand-nephew’s birth. she is rich and depressed an as incontinent as her dog. so she buys wonderful, […]

finishing lace

January 15, 2012


if i knit one row per day, i can finish one pattern repeat in two weeks … the i can start with the final border pattern in 1 1/2 months … DON’T think like that. just knit one stitch at a time. you will get there sooner.