ghostly sweetness – prototypes

February 8, 2012


i had this pattern idea itching on my fingertips for quite some time. but thanks to my 14-months-old primal recipient of such designs i hadn’t had the time to try it. finally, here are two prototypes: … as always in grainy, woozie ipod camera vision. i’m still working on the details. so far i’m particulary […]

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not quite an heirloom

January 22, 2012


an old aunt keeps herself alive by knitting. several suicide attempts left her with a shattered hip and her unwillingness to undergo rehabilitation confines her to a wheelchair. she has lost her husband a few days after her grand-nephew’s birth. she is rich and depressed an as incontinent as her dog. so she buys wonderful, […]

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new yarn – melissanthieyarns

January 19, 2012


last week i got a wonderful surprise waiting for me when i got home: a parcel of sweet, sweet yarn from indie dyer melissanthie yarns. from top to bottom: worsted/aran C (blues and white) sock F (bright red with sparkles) lace B (fresh and forest greens) sock I (dark greys with a hint of brown) […]

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finishing lace

January 15, 2012


if i knit one row per day, i can finish one pattern repeat in two weeks … the i can start with the final border pattern in 1 1/2 months … DON’T think like that. just knit one stitch at a time. you will get there sooner.

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knitting fonts

December 6, 2011


recently i discovered a great little helper: Knitter’s Symbols Fonts by David Xenakis. no more fretting over useless tables in word. no more wiggly hand drawn lines on graph paper. oh, and it’s free ^^. thank you, david!

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vitraux slouch

November 23, 2011


tryphina proudly presents: the vitraux hat. the original pattern has no slouch though, but i like it better that way. i look like a dork in non-slouchies. more than usual, anyway. a sweet, intriguing lace band inserted into an otherwise simple pattern make the perfect fall-and-beginning of winter-hat. not high winter though, because the lace […]

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cute as a bug pattern live!

October 31, 2011


today the cute as a bug toddler earflap hat pattern finally went live on ravelry! oh, and please also welcome the i-won’t-smile-on-camera-not-even-for-mommy-model-of-the-year.

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